This is one of our "Aura at Home" orginal designed  and hand crafted Selenite Lamps. Our Selenite is from Morocco which is a form of gypsum. We first start the process with a very large heavy log like shape. Then using my Grandfather's chisel the hand carving begins, followed by hours of hand polishing to bring out the lusture and smooth satin finish, which is a meticulous and slow process but I find myself excited to reveal the treasure found within. Each Selenite then has a custom designed acrylic base which complements the beautiful lines and shape of the Selenite. The final touches are a hand made shade, finial, and a tourmaline gemstone on each turn knob.  Selenite in general is an energetically clearing of lower vibrationals , offering a  positive energetic feeling into the space it resides. In addition our lamps offer endless versatility in design styles and tastes, a perfect work of art to pass down from one generation to another. We promise our Selenite Lamps will delight and amaze you for years to come!   



Measurements & Weight

32.5" x 16" x 10"


Hand Carved Selenite Lamp